Found Turtle While Snorkeling In Clear Blue Sea At Timba Timba Island (4 Photos)


Borneo Holidays - Found A Turtle While Snorkeling In Clear Blue Sea At Timba Timba Island. Our friend here found a turtle while snorkeling at Timba-timba Island, Semporna, Malaysia.

Semporna has a lot of beautiful island (this place has 49 islands!) and the only place in Malaysia that has 2 national marine park - the Tun Sakaran National Park and Sipadan Marine Park (consists of Mabul as centre, Sipadan island and Kapalai). Timba-timba is one of those beautiful island in Semporna.

What is so special about Timba Timba? This island has crystal clear blue sea water and not so many people around to due it's remote location. If you want to find Timba Timba island on the map, this island coordinate is 4°33′20″N and 118°55′16″E.

There are no big waves too! No wonder people desperately wanna spend thousands of Malaysian Ringgit just to come to Timba Timba island for their holiday.

It is really worth it.

Timba Timba is very rich with so many amazing beautiful corals and beautiful reefs. People come here for snorkeling and scuba diving. Most of them spending the whole day just for snorkeling and scuba diving!

All because the underwater view at Timba Timba island is so amazing and so beautiful. You tend to look at it so many times over and over again when you are there.

You can spot many hawksbill turtles and green turtles at Timba Timba island because this island is also a nesting place for turtles just like Pom Pom island between May and September every year.

Here's more photos while snorkeling at Timba Timba island, all taken by elvisloong. Click to view larger image or tap on the photo to enlarge it if you open this blog post from your smartphone, iPad or tabletEnjoy!






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